Open eCom

What is Open eCom?

Open eCom is Java Open Source B2B Framework under development. Currently it contains implementation
of the following standard business documents according to GS1 eCom standard specification:

  • Order
  • Invoice
  • Despatch Advice
  • Receiving Advice
All of these classes have been automaticly generated from their coresponding XML Schemas using JAXB
(Java Architecture for XML Binding).From GS1 site : "GS1 eCom provides global standards for electronic
business messaging that allow rapid, efficient and accurate automatic electronic transmission of agreed
business data between trading partners."



The idea of this projects is to provide open source Java implementation of typical components used in B2B
applications, based on widely accepted standards. It should provide standard, ready to use business
documents and workflows used in B2B transactions, so developers can focus on application specific features
and business processes.

Main benefits of using Open eCom are:
  1. Faster development. Having ready to use and well documented data models created by industry experts,
    will significantly reduce time needed for requirement analysis and data modeling. This will also help to avoid
    a lot of repetitve work, and put focus on features that has real value to the customer. Important thing is not
    just having these in the form of specifications, but in the form of working implementation.

  2. Flexibility and extensibility. It is very likely that everything that clients may want in future is allready part of the
    standard, and it will require no modifications. However there is a standard way for extending existing documents
    using extensions feature.

  3. Better reusability of developed processes, since they will be based on the same documents.

  4. Full interoperability with other GS1 eCom systems which is widely accepted standard for business message interchange



Open eCom is available under Apache 2 license
If you're not familiar with Apache 2 license take a look at simple explanations at:


Downloads & Resources

Project home:
Source code is available at SVN repository:
Note: Source code is provided as full NetBeans project tree, and when you checkout it, build it in order to automatically generate
all Java classes from XML Schemas using binding files provided within project.
  • Full Sources of automatically generated classes
  • Open-eCom.jar Java Library (just plug it and use it)
  • Complete Open eCom NetBeans project
  • All XML resources (schemas and binding files used for JAXB)
  • Zipped Open eCom API doc
  • Open eCom API Doc
  • Some Open eCom Samples - source code samples how to use OJ4B in your apps (creating, writing and reading eCom documents)
  • GS1 eCom Specification (for Order, Invoice, Receiving Advice and Despatch Advice)

See also 10 Steps for GS1 eCom implementation Everything about GS1 eCom standard specifications is available at GS1 eCom site


How can you contribute

  • Add support for generating database from XML Schema (could be done using HyperJaxb3)
  • Create Restfull Web service for GS1 eCom documents
  • Implement generic business transactions for on GS1 eCom documents
  • Implement other parts of GS1 standard like catalog
  • Create tools to work with Open eCom from IDE's (NetBeans is preffered)
  • Let us know how you've used Open eCom and give some ideas how to improve it
You're welcome to join (or just observe) Open eCom project at Java net



If you want to use Open eCom for proprietary development we provide commercial support.
If you contribute the software you develop with Open eCom we'll provide free support.